Wednesday, April 2, 2014

the messy coat closet

Today I planned to clean up my little coat closet. It was looking pretty messy so I started by completely emptying it. I started with this. Eek!


Once I got it empty, I said "yuck" again. Then I got excited. I guess I get a little silly when I see an empty room, even if it's tiny. So many possibilities!

Three hours later...

I painted, brought in a little book case that had been hanging out in the guest room/sewing room and used the drawer from the blue hanging thing in the first picture.The coats won't be needed for a long time so they are now in the guest room closet. They will probably stay there permanently since we rarely wear coats down here in Texas anyway.

 I hung this cute owl that had been looking for a home for a while and hung my baby bib on it. You can't see it unless you really stick your head in there, but I like it that way. :)

Hooray for turning coat closets into linen closets! I really wanted to buy some nice drawers or something originally but in the end I didn't buy anything new and I might be even happier that way. ;)

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