Saturday, January 18, 2014

Guest room dresser

I've been meaning to share this dresser on here for ages! I got it about eight years ago at a yard sale for about $50. It was the typical ugly brown wood with way too much varnish (or SOMETHING). The handles were sad too, they had fake key holes and were tarnished in a bad way. I thought sure I had a before picture but I haven't been able to find it. If I ever do I will be sure to post it. Because we all like a good before and after. But I'm sure you can imagine. ;) Anyhow... after tons of prep, I used home made chalk paint for the body and stained the top. Then I coated it with wax. And the mirror didn't originally go with the dresser either. But now you'd never know! 

Here are a few close ups just for fun!

 I'm typically a little bit funky and not quite so elegant but I went with what the dresser was asking for and used these pretty little handles and knobs.

As a side note, isn't my rug pretty, and maybe a little funky? :D


I'm pretty proud of this as it was my first big project, plus, I did it when I had a six month old!