Thursday, April 18, 2013

What inspired me

Me (note to self-don't do your hair like that!), Miss Mustard Seed, my best friend, Mercy

I know this will sound a bit cheesy but it's true! My childhood best friend had told me about a while back, but I didn't really "get" it at first. Then I saw that she was coming to Houston for her book signing, Inspired You. I thought we should go, mostly just for fun, not because I really loved the style of her stuff. (No offense Marion! I completely changed my mind!) Once we got there I wondered, are we going to be the only young moms there? Will we be out of place? What if she's a snob in real life? But as soon as I saw her all my fears were put to rest. What a lovely person! So kind and so real! And she even took the time to ask us questions about ourselves and wrote little notes in the book. I totally wasn't expecting that. As I read her book after going home I really fell in love with her style. I had bought a sample of her paint and used it a few days later. Then I liked it even more. I've since painted a few more things and I'm loving it more all the time. 

So, my first real post here is full of admiration for the lady who inspired me! Thanks!

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